Classic Carbon Supreme - 315g


**NEW** Activated Classic Carbon “Supreme” is a cylindrical-shaped, pelletized carbon, made from a carefully selected grade of coal. It is pelletized under rigidly controlled conditions, using a high quality “binder”. Activated Classic Carbon Supreme removes organic pollutants, some of which discolour the water with a yellowish tint, organic acids, proteins, hormones, antibiotic compounds, and organic compounds, as well as a variety of chemicals, medications, metals, and minerals. Its shape offers a low flow resistance, to insure it won’t clog. Activated Classic Carbon Supreme’s prime application is as a purifier and clarifier.
How to use product

For best results use ˝ lb for every 50 gallons (189 liters) of aquarium water. In order to keep the carbon “Active”, Activated Classic Carbon Supreme has not been pre-washed, therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse with running cold tap water for about 5 minutes before use, or soak in R/O or distilled water for a period of 24 hours, prior to use. Following the rinsing process, we recommend placing the carbon in a filter media bag (300 micron), or a carbon chamber. Place in high flow area of filter to maximize water flow through the media. For best results, replace carbon at least once per month. Activated Classic Carbon Supreme is ideal for use in all types of power filters, wet dry filters, canister or modular filters. Works in both Freshwater and Marine Aquaria. Minimal use of carbon is recommended on “plant tanks”, as minerals necessary for the plants, may be removed by carbon.

30% more carbon by volume than Classic Carbon!

Analysis of Carbon
Size 4X8 US Mesh (4.0 mm diameter nominal)
Carbon Tetrachloride Adsorption 60% Minimum
Ash 10% Maximum
Moisture 5% Maximum
Packing Density 0.47g/cc Minimum
Hardness 97 Minimum
Surface Area 1100 square meters/gram Minimum

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